Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The white answer

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and am in that terribly boring but oh so sensible position where my workspace doesn't need any work done to it, but I'd love to make some changes. As a result, I can't justify spending any money on it and I'm stuck in no man's land.
Sometimes I think it'd be easier if I'd bought a run down place so that I'd be forced to take some action and actually make it a home, not a house. But no, that would be tough. Hard work on your own. Instead, I have to admit I am very lucky and bought my little place about 15 months ago without having to lift a finger. Everything's in working order - the kitchen's practical, the floorboards are polished, the shower works. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, isn't that right?
Well, I'm bored! I so desperately want to put my own little flair on the place and feel proud to call it home. At the moment, I just feel like a lodger going through the motions.
So back to the kitchen - I want to be inspired! I want colour and flavour and a scene to excite the senses! My cooking's gone to the dogs and the slow cooker can't even get me out of my frump.
I need a change. But that all seems too hard at the moment though - kitchens are spenny! So I'm starting with the family room. The orange feature wall I loved at the first open inspection now gives me a headache, and although I adore my brother's Year 12 handiwork, the coffee table and bookshelf don't really shout 'style'.
So I'm seeking inspiration from Anna Spiro at Absolutely Beautiful Things. I. AM. IN. LOVE. Her house is exactly what I'm after - a white canvas upon which she's built layer upon layer of gorgeous colour, texture and pattern. I am PINK with envy! Her pics above completely capture what I'm after. And can you get enough of those pink bar stools? Ah-mazing! Just imagine the colourful salads, decadent desserts and precious canapes I could prepare in that environment!
So now that I've settled on my white base - just how on earth do I choose the right white? They talk of warm whites, cold whites, sterile whites and off-whites, but what's the right one for me? Any tips? Let's hope a coat of paint can help me find my blogging 'mojo' and get me back in the kitchen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The icing on the cake

So I'm indulging in a bit of engagement ecstasy at the moment. Excuse me for stealing the bride's thunder, but I did help out with THE proposal of the year and can't help but share my excitement! Let's just say it involved some creative design, some beautiful words, a weekend brunch . . . and a gigantic rock! Congrats to JC and the S man, job well done!

Another wedding to research and dream about! No, not my own (point taken), but don't you dare deny me the pleasure of checking Green Wedding Shoes and A Summer Picnic Wedding every day for inspiration - even if it's on someone else's behalf!

JC sent me through this pic above today - we just love the concept of self-serve dessert or bonbonniere buffets. My boss had a dessert banquet at her wedding and it just looked divine. Amy Atlas is the queen of these masterpieces, so now the challenge is to channel the creativity locally - and on a much lower budget!

Pic from Ainjil and Chris's Vineyard Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

With a cherry on the top

Pretty blossoms from here

The girls are back in town after a couple of crazy weeks in the States and Me-hi-co. So jealous! Can't wait to see their pics - I'm expecting SATC honeymoon (or not) hotels with crystal clear water and cocktails to boot!

So tomorrow night, it's off to Ying Chow for the best cheap Chinese in town. Yum!

On another note, have been on the hunt for cherry blossom this week. Am busy helping to organise my friend's hens night and just love tall vases of cherry blossom to soften a room and add a hint of romance. It's all about the timing though - think I'll be too late for Spring blossoms.

As for my internet, still down. Hating technology right now! Thank goodness for dinner at Mum and Dad's to give me access to the big old web!

Happy weekends x

Monday, August 3, 2009

Winter blues

It's cold and it's miserable and all I want is comforting, indulgent, hearty food. Like this tagine above. Yum! Think I might have to invest in one of these Moroccan dishes - they just look so good when presenting food, and the fact you can cook in them . . . gold! I'm all about one pot cooking - and as few dishes as possible!

But with three weddings in three months time . . . I'm afraid it's goodbye indulgence and hello calorie counting! Headed out to the Gepps Cross markets with Bree on Sunday for a hilarious little adventure. Spent $20 and came back with two big green bags FULL of goodies. Bargain hunting at its best.

Now I'm facing a week of invention tests - how many different recipes can I come up with that include veggies? So far it's 'every vegetable imaginable' soup, stuffed tomatoes, steamed Asian greens, and maybe a slow cooked curry (I might even lash out and serve it on some cous cous!).

Wish me luck xo

Pic from (divine!)