Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All mash.ed up

I love home cooked meals, there's something comforting and wholesome about them.
The whole ritual of preparing a meal for loved ones totally captivates me but I've found that since I've been living on my own, I don't cook as often. There are a few reasons (one being that I am so bad at portion control that I eat for about three people in one sitting!) but the biggest hurdle for me is cost. 

I am just spending so much at the supermarket these days. It's cheaper to go out and eat at a restaurant than it is to buy a bottle of wine and all the ingredients to cook a yummy home cooked meal for visitors.

That was until I came across mash. food

mash. food is the answer to all your prayers - the meals are delicious and homely but don't cost the earth. I have bought those generic, mass produced heat at home packs from Foodland before but mash. hits them for six. As a friend always says to me "you couldn't buy the parts for the same price" so why would I bother even attempting to recreate the mash. magic!?

The brains behind mash. is a gal called Ashleigh who is a salt of the earth kind of girl. We went to school together and she was a boarder from the Murraylands. I couldn't believe it when I found out she had started her own 'heat and eat' business. Surely it can't be that good?!

Well blow me down, it's AH-MAZING! My dearest Bree ordered mash. chicken and leek pies for Grace's christening a few months back (remember?) and I was impressed. They were SO good. A real homemade flavour to them.

So I put in my first order . . . and I haven't looked back. 

Since then, we've sampled Moroccan Stew, Lamb Casserole, all three of her curries (my Dad seriously licked the bowl clean!), Apple and Caramel Pudding and her bulghar wheat salad. And that was just Winter!

Ashleigh cooks everything up fresh and then delivers to your door every Tuesday (she even does country runs in the Barossa and Murraylands!). It's so exciting coming home from Zumba every Tuesday with Mum (love me a free meal at the folks' place!) to see what Ashleigh's left on the front porch. Everything is packaged up in alfoil containers suitable for freezing or popping straight in the oven. And the portions are HUGE. This week, mash. was celebrating its first birthday and we got a special delivery of choc caramel slice and lemon curd. TDF. 

The curries are HUGE and seriously rival Raj on Taj in terms of quality, cost and portion size. PLUS you don't have to get in the car to go and pick it up - it's just a matter of heating on the stove!

I am SOLD. But hurry, her Winter menu is only available until 5pm this Saturday. I'm super excited to see what she's got in store for Spring. I like things I can put in the freezer and then heat up when friends unexpectedly pop over (or a date is cancelled at the last minute)

And looking for something to give that new Mum and her home cooked meal starved hubby? How about a mash. gift package? I'm stocking up on supplies to take to my Grandparents next time I see them - I would normally cook for them myself, but when Ash's efforts seriously outshine my own - and at half the price - I'm happy to support her efforts! Plus . . . no dishes!

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