Monday, January 11, 2016

All rugged up

Hello friends!

Happy new year and all that jazz. I'm back, and I'm excited and I've got a spring in my step that's been missing for a while.

I have lots of plans for 2016 but am not going all gun-ho and OTT with my new years resolutions. I have some realistic goals to keep my motivated and on track, but nothing too life changing.

In the last few weeks of 2015, I started a new job in the city and I moved into a little place of my own. Life is good and I'm just focusing on things that make me happy. My little flat is gorgeous, I feel so at peace there - lots of natural light, a great kitchen, white walls and big windows. So now it's all about adding the Kate factor to it! 

I'll share some pics with you shortly as I'll be needing some support on my decorating journey, but in the meantime, I just had to post this image as I'm OBSESSED with the rug. I NEED one just like this. Like, urgently. And rugs are so expensive!

Anyone have a clue where I can get my hands on something similar? I have lino/fake floor board looking floors in my lounge room and it really needs a rug to anchor the couches.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Brown Button Trading said...

holy flipping heck that rug is to die for! so apartment therapy says it is urban outfitters (i'm sure you saw that) - and they have some awesome rugs right now but not exact. and i know they ship here but not sure if they ship rugs. keeping my eyes peeled for you lovely!!! xx

Kate said...

So I'm totally daft and missed that reference Kimberlee! What a pain it's not online anymore, it's one of those unique pieces you can't really look for, it has to find you. Boo.