Sunday, December 6, 2009

An obsession with absolutely beautiful things

So, I've been a good girl this year and hope that I find myself on Father Christmas's nice list (as opposed to the naughty one!).

I've done my charity thing for Starlight Children's Foundation (as secretary on the Young Starlight Committee), I've dug holes for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and I've donated to the Mo Bros for Movember. Goodness, I even raised a sweat (and more than $100!) at Foxtel Lap for the Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

I've been good to my friends (at least I think I have!), been the perfect daughter and sister (and now sister-in-law!) and know I'm in Granny's good books. Bless!

So when Father Christmas comes looking for my wish list this year, I'm going to make it easy for him - please just fly Anna from Black and Spiro down to Adelaide and let her do her thing to my little place!

Since Kimberlee introduced me to the bloggy world, I've had a love affair with Anna's blog 'absolutely beautiful things'. I'm so inspired by her use of colour and efforts to mix old with new and desperately want to capture her style at my place. I've only got a small space to work with and am starting with a fresh coat of paint - I've settled on Solver 'Paper' White to offset the collection of prints, gold frames and mirrors I'm slowly collecting to decorate my living room wall. My photo of the pastel coloured shops along Portabello Road in Notting Hill is my starting point (similar to below).
Pic from here

I've got a long way to go, but can't wait til my time off over Christmas to roll up my sleeves and make a real start on turning my house into a home.
A girl can never have too much pink - thank you Anna for brightening our lives!
All other pics from absolutely beautiful things - LOVE!


Kimberlee said...

um hello - MY HOUSE is paper white as while! (with parchment on the skirtings) - you are preaching to the converted my friend. Anna allowed me to realise it was 'ok' to like lots of colour (don't know why I had such a weird relationship with it before) - she IS the guru.
xx said...

Lovely images. How fun to find another Adelaide blogger.