Monday, October 26, 2009

Dessert buffet heaven

Last weekend, we celebrated JC's big 3-0 with the most stunning afternoon tea at her place. Savouries included all sorts of goodies such as pizzettas, ricotta and roast tomato tarts, smoked salmon blinis, ribbon sandwiches and tandoori chicken curry cups (courtesy of moi!).
But it was the dessert buffet that took the cake - literally. We channelled our inner Amy Atlas and dug deep to prepare this masterpiece. I have to admit, I hardly lifted a finger when it came to the desserts, but my careful positioning of the delicate treats must be acknowledged!
And I carried out the role of quality control with absolute diligence - taste testing is underrated - I was at the peak of my game all arvo. And I can report, each of those lemon tarts, neenish tarts, cockles. . . need I go on? They were all perfect!
Happy happy birthday pretty girl!
PS. Thanks Bree for the mirrors - they looked great!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Julie & Julia . . . and Kate!

Pics from here and here

I'm the first to admit my blog entries have been few and far between lately. There have been wedding festivities, new TV shows to get excited about (I'm quietly obsessed by Flash Forward and Celebrity MasterChef - ssshhh!) and general mayhem in the life of Kate.
I'm full of ideas and the passion's still there, but it wasn't until last night that the fire was reignited. The gorgeous JC took me to see Julie & Julia - quite possibly one of the most lovely, heartwarming, sweet and innocent films I've ever seen. It had me at hello.
Poor old JC was bruised and battered by the end of the movie thanks to my constant elbowing and nudging: 'JC, that sounds like me!', 'JC, that's something I'd say', 'JC, how ah-mazing does that chocolate cake look?'. Every day at work we share recipe ideas from dinners the night before - she's engaged to a meat and three veg type of bloke (love you though, Spinks!) so I think she secretly gets her kicks when she can talk 'laksa' and 'risoni' and other such 'posh food' with me!
So back to the movie. Gold. Scenes littered with oozing French brie, succulent boeuf bourgignon, chocolate cream pie and sky high souffles. If only we had smellovision!
I related to the characters in so many ways - from Julia's love of France (and string of pearls!) to Julie's self indulgence and hostess with the mostest ambitions, it was me! I've realised I don't have the funds (nor the metabolism!) to be able to attempt such a courageous cooking challenge, but I love the idea and am giving some thought to a similar concept for myself, to keep me focused and motivated to finish something.
Anyway, enough about my ephiphany and me, me, me. If you love food as much as me, you'll love this film - it's truly one for the bloggers!
Bon appetit!