Monday, October 26, 2009

Dessert buffet heaven

Last weekend, we celebrated JC's big 3-0 with the most stunning afternoon tea at her place. Savouries included all sorts of goodies such as pizzettas, ricotta and roast tomato tarts, smoked salmon blinis, ribbon sandwiches and tandoori chicken curry cups (courtesy of moi!).
But it was the dessert buffet that took the cake - literally. We channelled our inner Amy Atlas and dug deep to prepare this masterpiece. I have to admit, I hardly lifted a finger when it came to the desserts, but my careful positioning of the delicate treats must be acknowledged!
And I carried out the role of quality control with absolute diligence - taste testing is underrated - I was at the peak of my game all arvo. And I can report, each of those lemon tarts, neenish tarts, cockles. . . need I go on? They were all perfect!
Happy happy birthday pretty girl!
PS. Thanks Bree for the mirrors - they looked great!


Kimberlee said...

um, WOW! looks awesome. Hope you are well bella, miss you - catch up soon x

Jessica said...

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