Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where's Wally?

So, you've been wondering where I've been? What's kept me so busy? Let's play a little game of Where's Wally!
Yes, that's right - that's me in both the photos above. I was a bridesmaid in my dear friend Sam's wedding this weekend just gone. Absolutely stunning. The most perfect wedding, it was gorgeous. And the bridesmaids scrubbed up pretty well too!
Then underneath is all the fun of my brother's wedding. What a hoot! I was MC and it was a huge responsibility, but a wonderful night with family and friends. And a bridal dance to rival all others! I'm in the pink in case you were wondering, you know, the Carla I've been raving about!
Congratulations to both happy couples - I am so honoured and touched to have been a part of your special days.

PS. I have promised myself I wouldn't venture down the wedding blog track (not a good look for a single 26 year old), so I'd best mention something about the food. Amazing display of culinary genius at Chloe's Restaurant for Sam and Simon's wedding - how that tenderloin was so um, tender, is beyond me! And for mass consumption. Divine! And Sam and Ange - cutest wedding cake going round, I was very impressed, yet devastated there were no leftovers the next day!


Kimberlee said...

the best dressed 'wally' i've ever seen - stunning Kate x

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Kate for all your bridesmaid dress shop suggestions! I'm going to go check some of them out this week!

I love the black dresses! beautiful!