Monday, July 28, 2014


There's something quite romantic about holidaying in Winter. Big glasses of red wine in front of the open fire, and getting all rugged up in scarves and boots. 

I'm heading away to Bowral with two of my dearest school friends next weekend. Last year we headed to Daylesford because we couldn't make each other's 30th birthdays, and we had so much fun that we committed to a little girls weekend every year.

Lill and I are driving to Canberra where we'll spend the night with Kate before driving up to Bowral the next day. We're staying at Peppers Manor House, divine!

So much indulgence to be had . . . but where do we start?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Please do share!

High on my list is brunch at Biota and a visit to the Bradman Museum, but any other must-sees while we're adventuring in the Southern Highlands?

Please email me with any suggestions!


Friday, July 18, 2014

AFL done good

Sport is such an important cultural force that can unite people from all over.

It has its haters, but you can't deny the role that sport plays in bridging gaps and building teams. 

I love that sport is a language in itself - everyone can speak it. Whether it's dressing up for a day at the races (and not even seeing a horse run!) or sipping Pimms with your friends at on the banks of the Thames during the Boat Race - you could be standing next to someone who doesn't speak a word of English, yet still communicate with them through sport.

I LOVE what the AFL has done with its multicultural round ads for this year.

They're a bit tongue in cheek, they're fun and they're warm. I applaud the light hearted nature in which the topic of multiculturalism has been tackled. So often we tiptoe around these issues and try to make political statements out of them, but at the end of the day, it's just a game of footy.

Check them out below . . .

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SA Grateful

I might have caved to social pressures and packed my bags for the big lights of Melbourne, but I will always be a fiercely proud South Aussie at heart.

So much makes this SA Great (oh how I wish they'd kept that brand instead of Advantage SA) and food and wine tops the list for me.

Menz is a firm favourite of mine and I especially love their commitment to the community and local charities. So I was especially chuffed to see them up in lights amongst some serious national heavy hitters today when I received my regular marketing industry newsletter this afternoon.

Menz has created what is believed to be Australia's largest mural made entirely of lollies.

Doesn't it look great!? I'm yet to identify all the iconic SA landmarks hidden throughout the thousands of sweets but so far have spotted the Malls Balls . . . anyone have any other ideas?!

Then this morning, my parochial fires were burning for Kochie's South Australian food segment on Sunrise. Farmers Union Iced Coffee, Haighs, Maggie Beer, Penfolds wine . . . so so so good!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Weekend wonders

I have two very dear friends coming to visit this weekend - I've been bridesmaid to them both and am so looking forward to sharing a bit of my Melbourne with them.

I am so so so excited about finally visiting one of my Melbourne 'musts' tomorrow. Aren't the pics above gorgeous?! They're from Mossgreen Tearooms where I'm having High Tea with my most recent bride Jourdanne (and my local loves Bree and Gemma) tomorrow afternoon.

But first, the fun kicks off with a city drink with Sam tonight - you might remember her from this wedding . . .

I'm still tossing up which bar to take her to - so much pressure when visitors are in town! The shortlist is Hihou, Von Haus, Ombra and Cumulus Up

Sounds like a whole lot of stuff yourself silly with food and drink, if you ask me! 

Just the way I like it xx

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

O so good

She can do no wrong.

Love Olivia's take on the bridal gown. Okay, so it's not what I'd go for, but I love it all the same. The touch of blue, the luxe fabrics, the perfect pony. Oh, and the gorgeous handbag in hubby Johannes Huebl.

Nailed it, O.