Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SA Grateful

I might have caved to social pressures and packed my bags for the big lights of Melbourne, but I will always be a fiercely proud South Aussie at heart.

So much makes this SA Great (oh how I wish they'd kept that brand instead of Advantage SA) and food and wine tops the list for me.

Menz is a firm favourite of mine and I especially love their commitment to the community and local charities. So I was especially chuffed to see them up in lights amongst some serious national heavy hitters today when I received my regular marketing industry newsletter this afternoon.

Menz has created what is believed to be Australia's largest mural made entirely of lollies.

Doesn't it look great!? I'm yet to identify all the iconic SA landmarks hidden throughout the thousands of sweets but so far have spotted the Malls Balls . . . anyone have any other ideas?!

Then this morning, my parochial fires were burning for Kochie's South Australian food segment on Sunrise. Farmers Union Iced Coffee, Haighs, Maggie Beer, Penfolds wine . . . so so so good!

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