Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brown Button Trading does Christmas with Kate!

Susie Q's truffle tree. Ah-mazing!

Hummingbird Bakery Red Velvet Cupcakes that I made myself. Simply divine - recipe will follow soon!

Nice work Alice with the close up photography!

Guilty - I forgot to take pics at the start of the part, so please excuse the scraps halfway through!

Gorgeous Brown Button Trading treats

The goodies table

Where have the weeks gone? It feels like I was only just gearing up for a hectic festive season and now it's all over! I just love Christmas and desperately need to find a new focus to get me through this holiday hangover! I'm back at work, feeling seven years older (and looking it too!).
Time to renew my passion for Polkadot Pantry!
Now, you may remember my excitement at the prospect of hosting Miss Kimberlee and her treats at a BBT Christmas drinks party. Well, it seems like weeks ago now, but I finally have some pics to show you of the lovely afternoon. Kimbo was fabulous - complete with gorgeous Arabian nights face paint for her work Christmas party!
I was so disorganised (and enjoying the Bird in Hand a tad too much) that I forgot to take pics of the girls and the special guest herself, but dear Alice salvaged some photos and took charge where I failed.
So much fun and thanks a bazillion to Kim for her enthusiasm and patience!


Cherry Blossoms said...

I received the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook for Christmas and I can't wait to start baking as I heart cupcakes a lot! Your cupcakes looked wonderful!!

Kimberlee said...

um no, thanks a bazillion to you!!! I had an absolute ball and was so fabulous to meet your beautiful friends, I ate WAYYYYYY too much. you rock my round about little one xx