Monday, April 12, 2010

Bowerbird Bazaar

We've finally hit the big time! The little old Rad has embraced design and good taste and showcased a plethora of gorgeous goodies at the recent Bowerbird Bazaar at the Queens Theatre.
I bought some stunning greeting cards and prints for my slowly developing cluster wall - one which I intend to focus on next week during my break between jobs.
Bree's cousin Austin lapped up the Bowerbird bizzo, manning his Two Halves stall. Love love love his Jack and Jill hooks - would make for great kids presents. What cool bag or coat hooks in a little one's bedroom or in the laundry?
As for the Queens Theatre . . . wow, what a venue - imagine how stunning it could look for a wedding or black tie ball, stunning! Needs a lot of work, but so much potential.


Kimberlee said...

I hear you darling girl! I loved it! I bought a naomi murrell print - yay. And as for the theatre - awesome.

Esther is going to a wedding reception there THIS WEEKEND - will be amazing. xx

Searching for Sporadic Surprises said...

Oh how I love Bowerbird Bazaar!!! I went to the inaugural one but unfortunately missed this one due to a visit to Perth that weekend (went to Upmarket there to make up for no Bowerbird.)

My friend went to that wedding on Sunday too Kimberlee! I can't wait to see the photos!