Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sending out an SOS

If you're anything like me, then you always need a new project to work towards, something to look forward to on the horizon. 

Don't get me wrong, I definitely live in the 'now' but I like having something to dream about, plan for and use as an excuse (if only to myself) for spending hours surfing the net.

New Zealand is the next big adventure for me, but Lou and Fern have our itinerary all sorted so I'm going to indulge in being totally looked after without having to think. It'll be total switch off holiday mode which is just what the doctor ordered for me at the moment.

So beyond that, it's my 30th which has lots of elements to consider. Of course, there's my partay which still has me very confused but I'll get to that in another post down the track.

Then there's also plans for an exciting US of A adventure with Emma!

First of all, I'm hitting up NYC with my parents (did someone say Bridget Jones?) but then Em and I are setting off a preppy tour of the States.

But we're kind of stumped, so much to fit in in so little time! We're starting on the East Coast and then want to spend time in the South before ending up in San Fran, Vegas and LA.

Any must sees, people?

We're thinking of hiring a car and want to hit up Palm Springs, Charleston, New Orleans, Portland etc. 

We really need a 'Preppy Guide to the US' - surely there's one out there! No doubt penned by Sarah Vickers or Devon Baer or someone equally as fabulous!

And there are so many hot spots we want to fit in including shops made famous by blogs - take Furbish Studio for example. I adore isuwanee. Can you imagine seeing this place in the flesh!?

So, any suggestions dear readers!?


Kim Grey said...

Hi Kate,

It sounds like you're going to have quite a fabulous adventure!

As for must-see places in the States, my votes (most of which you have already mentioned) would be: NYC, L.A., San Francisco, and Palm Springs. It might also be nice to spend some time in smaller places, if you have the time, like driving along the California coastline. Also, you might enjoy seeing an East Coast city, like New Haven, Connecticut, to get your "preppy" fix.

Have a wonderful trip and a very happy birthday!

P.S. If you're freaking out a bit about turning 30 (I know I did!)--then, don't. Seriously. Being in your 30s can be pretty awesome.

Kate said...

Some great tips, Kim! Thanks!

I'm trying not to be freaked out by my 30th - I'm looking at it as the new 21. Do I sound convincing?

I know it's not a race but there are still a few things I want to tick off my list before too many more years fly by.