Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bluebells are ringing

The best (only) highlight of being sick is having lots of time up your sleeve to lie on the couch and catch up on some TV.

I have fallen back in love with Hart of Dixie - at last count I'd watched 7 episodes. In a row. 

And I'm completely in love with Lemon Breeland. Her wardrobe is TDF. I mean, I couldn't get away with it in little old Rads but she's perfectly at home in Bluebell, Alabama. Sounds like my kind of town, somewhere I could set up my dream little tea shop. A place where manners and tradition count for something, iced tea flows freely and the weather's always hot!

Zoe Hart is pretty cute too. And that George Tucker? Man of my dreams!

What TV series have you rediscovered?


Kate said...

Santa gave me season one. Finished it a couple of days ago - so freakin addictive. Love Rachel Bilson!
Happy New Year to you young Kate (soon to be 30).

Kate said...

Kate! It was actually a comment you made a little while back that inspired me to revisit Hart of Dixie. I am torn though - I'm not sure who I want to end up with who?!

Happy new year to you and your little fam too x

Vera Margaret said...

I have been watching this to. Such good summer holiday tv!