Monday, October 21, 2013

A love letter

I'm in a relationship, in fact, we might even be going steady.

I have a serious crush on Melbourne. Not in a 'you're better than Adelaide' way or anything. I'm loyal 'til the end. But in a Mr Right Now kind of way. It's where I'm supposed to be.

It helps that some of my very best friends live over here and my housemates are sweet and my location is second to none. There's also the great restaurants, coffee and yes, I even love the public transport system (gasp!).  

My room has awesome views of the city and a gorgeous high peaked ceiling, I can walk to the Tan and I've just discovered Leo's (thanks Sue!).

The markets are a feast for the senses and Zumbo has just opened up around the corner. And then there's Burch & Purchese - I'm without words. I have pho at my fingertips and Mexican just down the street. I've only filled up my car four times in six months - and that included a drive to Dean's Marsh!

It's not all rosy though. Work has been tough (I'll leave that post for a rainy day) and they use plastic bags over here like they're going out of fashion (yay for SA's stance on plastic bags). They don't have a bottle recycling program and my heart hurts every time I put 10c worth of glass or plastic in the recycling bins. Those poor Boy Scouts!

And I can get lonely. I derive so much happiness from bouncing off other people but my 'other people' have their own 'other people' and I miss my Mum. And my Dad. And my brother and sister in law. And I desperately miss my niece and nephew who are growing up way too fast. And I miss my grandparents and being 15 mins away from everything and everyone.

But this city still has me wrapped around its little finger.

There's the small issue of the terrible weather and serious hayfever conditions, and most of my above mentioned friends are grown ups with life partners and kids which isn't ideal for a 30 year old single gal's social life. But otherwise things are pretty good.

The shops are open til really late and they have ham on their parmies - sorry parmas - as a standard. Flowers are cheap and brunch is served all day.

I wouldn't say it's love - yet - but I've got a serious case of lust for this city. Enough to get me smiling again.

I've had a bit of a blog block recently, but I'm slowly trying to find my mojo again. If anyone still tunes in, I'd love to hear from you. Especially if you're in Melbourne - I could do with a tour guide, shopping  director and a glass of vino or two. Oh, and a job (long story - but I'm serious!!)

What do you love about Melbourne? Help me compile a 'must do' list so I can  see it through your eyes.

I'll be back again soon. Slowly. I'm finding my way xx


Andie said...

Oh Kate, it's wonderful to hear that you are getting a spring back in your step. As a single girl who's just moved interstate myself (GC, baby!) I can understand that it has taken time to settle into a whole new world and find all new 'places and people'. Focus on the happiness your new lust brings you, there's nothing better than that new-love glow. xx

Anonymous said...

So lovely to read this post Kate - welcome back! Im glad Melbs has stolen a piece of your heart and things have settled down for you. Really excited to catch up with you back in Rads on Sunday. Lib xx

Anonymous said...

Love this post!! You are blessed with a way with words. So nice to hear that your shine is back xx JB

Kate said...

We are crazy, aren't we Andie?! But we're brave and adventurous and will have great stories to tell our kids one day. Enjoy the GC! xx

Kate said...

Hi Kib, looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Love me a wedding festivity of any description! xx

Kate said...

Thanks JB, I'm not quite there yet but I'm on my way. Maybe it's because there's love in the air and we're celebrating yours truly on Sunday. A trip to the Rads is just what the doctor ordered. And a cuddle from my Ruby. See you Sunday bridey xxx

Flavs said...


I'm glad you are back blogging and are getting some Melby mojo in the mix.

I've missed your sweet words.

love flavs xx

P.S. Can you please review some of these Pho and Mexican places......

Kate said...

I've missed ye old blog too! Not sure how sweet my words are, but I want to write more and use it as vehicle to explore Melbourne.

Can't wait to see you Saturday night xxx

Just like Martha said...

Yay - welcome back - we have missed you (that sounds stalkerish LOL), seriously though often pop by to see what you have been up to, I am a fan of your an old Adelaide girl (well okay Sydney has been my home for way too long but alas we are always true to good ol Adelaide) I suppose I feel a connection (again stalkerish)...glad to hear you are finding your groove in Melbourne (at least its closeish to Adelaide) hope to read more blog posts real soon...Lee aka Just Like Martha

Just like Martha said...

So thrilled you are back blogging, I have missed reading your posts (somehow that always sounds stalkerish LOL), I am an Adelaide girl too (although have spent most of my life now in ol Sydney town but hey once an Adelaide girl always one right!)Hope things work out on the job front and that lurve continues to blossom - yay you!

Kate said...

Thanks Just Like Martha! It's good to be back. And lovely to hear from another Adelaide girl. I hope I can find some further inspiration soon and get back on the horse xx

Kate said...

Thanks Just Like Martha! It's good to be back. And lovely to hear from another Adelaide girl. I hope I can find some further inspiration soon and get back on the horse xx