Sunday, January 11, 2015

Match made in heaven

With all this festive eating under my belt (more like shortening my belt) over the last few weeks, I thought it only fair to share some of my new fave treats.

Nibbles are my bread and butter, I could just graze all day every day. I think it's the 'order envy' beast coming out in me - I hate having to limit my order to one thing off a menu and inevitably always wish i could have wgat the person sitting next to me has ordered. But with nibbles, starters, appetisers, finger food, canap├ęs ... whatever you want to call then, you can have a bit of everything.

Christmas Day was off to a great start with (amongst many other delights) one of my fave dips that is so delicious but so ridiculously easy. It's almost embarrassing, it's simple. I think my friend Sarah was the first to introduce it to me, and I know my friend Ad has made it for me lots (she's the one famous for Aunty Rach's tuna dip) but I've also seen donna hay roll it out aswell.

You can't beat it. 

Hommus with crispy chorizo.

Mince one chorizo sausage to chunky crumbs. Technically, you're supposed to skin it but I can't be bothered, and I don't have a magimix or food processor so I just finely dice the sausage.

Heat a big slurp of olive oil in a fry pan and add your chorizo crumb. Cook, stirring, until crunchy. It's good to let it really crisp up. Take off heat. 

Spread a tub of store bought hommus over a plate or platter. I guess you could make your own, but seriously ...

Spoon the warm crispy chorizo crumbs over the hommus, drizzling the oil from the pan over the dip as well.

Serve with grilled/toasted flatbread or bagel crisps.

You're welcome.

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