Monday, April 20, 2015

First position

My housemate and I have just finished a two week introductory offer at our local yoga studio. It's a five minute walk from home and has been a great way to try new classes that have previously seemed too scary or too expensive.

It's $25 for two weeks of unlimited classes so I've jumped in head first - yoga, pilates, core & stretch, fit barre.

I've even said no to social events because I've been committed to my two week program!

I've rediscovered my love for yoga. I've briefly dabbled in it before but nothing ongoing. I'm completely inflexible and have to stifle a laugh when we do any sort of bends and I look in the mirror and see that I'm towering over everyone else in the class who are all parallel to the ground or touching their toes and whatnot. I barely move five degrees forward!

But it's time out for myself when I can be in the present. Apparently that's a good thing?!

The class that has really caught my interest is Fit Barre. I thought I'd hate it but it was so much fun. It was a blend of yoga, ballet and dance and the music was modern and upbeat and the instructor was lovely. I never did ballet as a kid so it was a bit of a novelty standing at the barre and practising my plies.

I've only done one class but will be back tonight for another sweat out. It's so nice to have something to look forward to at the start of the week!

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