Thursday, November 12, 2015

Career girl by accident

Do you hear that?

The sound of high heels clipping on the footpath, the ding ding of the tram, the steam going off on the espresso machine and the buzz of very busy and important suits pacing the streets.

I've got a new job in the city, girls. And I'm stoked.

Okay, so it's early days. Day two, in fact. But I haven't cried yet so that's a good start.

Everyone is nice, there's a coffee machine in the kitchen and I have a window desk. There are plane trees to look out over (my hayfever will be interesting!) and I can wear lipstick and high heels every day without being looked up and down by the frumpy grumps at my old work. 

I'm excited about this next chapter, there's anticipation in the air and hope in my heart.

Next, I just have to try and hunt down 'Keith'!


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