Thursday, July 16, 2009

Snaps for Carla

Hello people! I am still alive! My internet may not be, but I'm still kicking and screaming and full of enthusiasm!
A fun weekend up ahead and gosh, don't I need it after this draining week that's included the final Grey's for the season (sob - tears are NOT good on a fresh spray tan!), a week's worth of MasterChef tension and the launch of a new CRM at work. Someone hand this girl a champagne!
So this weekend, I'm indulging in some glamour at our mid-year ball. Glamour and charisma is the name of the game at this oo7 James Bond themed bash. Still haven't decided what I'm wearing, but I want some colour - like the stunning bridesmaid dresses above.
Speaking of which, big cheer for me. Have just bought my dress for my brother's wedding in October. So excited! I've got the big job of MC and am consumed by fear and concern that it's going to turn into a Bridget Jones comedy act. Please God, no!
So yay for me and yay for Carla who has come through with the goods and managed to give me a waist. Bless.
Oh, back to the photo above. Spotted it on Green Wedding Shoes - my new fave daily blog fix. JC and I religiously check it every morning - 'check out that hair piece Kate', or 'JC - love the photo booth. Ah-mazing'. Such a lovely start to the day. And this wedding in particular got the tall one and I tres excited.
So I encourage you all to stop by and soak up the love on GWS. Romance is alive and well. I can sleep easy.
Happy weekend xo

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Kimberlee said...

hey beautiful - you always write so well, and this image is to die for - love GWS. See you Saturday for coffee pre 007 evening - can't wait xx