Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday sensations

Paper bag menus, flavoured water and fresh as fresh flowers. Heaven on a table.
I just can't get enough of the prettiness of newly discovered blog Sunday Suppers. Seriously, would you get a load of this? STUNNING. With a capital S.
Food styling and presentation is something I've always adored and these guys hit it spot on. What a fabulous concept - food, friends and fun. My kind of night out. I'd love to set up one of these studio/workshop/restaurants in Adelaide. I looked into cooking classes for my birthday this year, but they were just way expensive and even though lots of them pegged themselves as 'classes', they were more demonstrations.
This blog is just so right up my alley - fabulous recipes, beautiful colours and amazing theming and colour. They just do it oh-so-well in the States, don't they?
Check out more images and recipes from Sunday Suppers here.

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