Monday, August 3, 2009

Winter blues

It's cold and it's miserable and all I want is comforting, indulgent, hearty food. Like this tagine above. Yum! Think I might have to invest in one of these Moroccan dishes - they just look so good when presenting food, and the fact you can cook in them . . . gold! I'm all about one pot cooking - and as few dishes as possible!

But with three weddings in three months time . . . I'm afraid it's goodbye indulgence and hello calorie counting! Headed out to the Gepps Cross markets with Bree on Sunday for a hilarious little adventure. Spent $20 and came back with two big green bags FULL of goodies. Bargain hunting at its best.

Now I'm facing a week of invention tests - how many different recipes can I come up with that include veggies? So far it's 'every vegetable imaginable' soup, stuffed tomatoes, steamed Asian greens, and maybe a slow cooked curry (I might even lash out and serve it on some cous cous!).

Wish me luck xo

Pic from (divine!)

1 comment:

Kimberlee said...

as the little kid in the Tom Cruise movie said.... "LUCK"!!!

"two green bags" of goodness, I'm sure you'll be awesome.

Hmmm, no pressure for our dinner date next week, I think I'll order pizza.... xx