Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The icing on the cake

So I'm indulging in a bit of engagement ecstasy at the moment. Excuse me for stealing the bride's thunder, but I did help out with THE proposal of the year and can't help but share my excitement! Let's just say it involved some creative design, some beautiful words, a weekend brunch . . . and a gigantic rock! Congrats to JC and the S man, job well done!

Another wedding to research and dream about! No, not my own (point taken), but don't you dare deny me the pleasure of checking Green Wedding Shoes and A Summer Picnic Wedding every day for inspiration - even if it's on someone else's behalf!

JC sent me through this pic above today - we just love the concept of self-serve dessert or bonbonniere buffets. My boss had a dessert banquet at her wedding and it just looked divine. Amy Atlas is the queen of these masterpieces, so now the challenge is to channel the creativity locally - and on a much lower budget!

Pic from Ainjil and Chris's Vineyard Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes.

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