Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The white answer

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and am in that terribly boring but oh so sensible position where my workspace doesn't need any work done to it, but I'd love to make some changes. As a result, I can't justify spending any money on it and I'm stuck in no man's land.
Sometimes I think it'd be easier if I'd bought a run down place so that I'd be forced to take some action and actually make it a home, not a house. But no, that would be tough. Hard work on your own. Instead, I have to admit I am very lucky and bought my little place about 15 months ago without having to lift a finger. Everything's in working order - the kitchen's practical, the floorboards are polished, the shower works. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, isn't that right?
Well, I'm bored! I so desperately want to put my own little flair on the place and feel proud to call it home. At the moment, I just feel like a lodger going through the motions.
So back to the kitchen - I want to be inspired! I want colour and flavour and a scene to excite the senses! My cooking's gone to the dogs and the slow cooker can't even get me out of my frump.
I need a change. But that all seems too hard at the moment though - kitchens are spenny! So I'm starting with the family room. The orange feature wall I loved at the first open inspection now gives me a headache, and although I adore my brother's Year 12 handiwork, the coffee table and bookshelf don't really shout 'style'.
So I'm seeking inspiration from Anna Spiro at Absolutely Beautiful Things. I. AM. IN. LOVE. Her house is exactly what I'm after - a white canvas upon which she's built layer upon layer of gorgeous colour, texture and pattern. I am PINK with envy! Her pics above completely capture what I'm after. And can you get enough of those pink bar stools? Ah-mazing! Just imagine the colourful salads, decadent desserts and precious canapes I could prepare in that environment!
So now that I've settled on my white base - just how on earth do I choose the right white? They talk of warm whites, cold whites, sterile whites and off-whites, but what's the right one for me? Any tips? Let's hope a coat of paint can help me find my blogging 'mojo' and get me back in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

I like kitchens.



Susie said...

Ah gorgeous, pink is definitely my colour too, although i dont have any in doors, its all on my website to compensate. Love the bar stools too.

Susie at
I Just Love That Fabric

Keri said...

beautiful!! it touches my soul. my hubby would never let me have pink stools in the house though. he wants a man room, maybe i could have a woman room with pink stools, flowers everywhere, and mirrored furniture!

walrus studio said...

the pink chairs are great! I have one pink room in my house, it's actually the easiest to decorate

Anonymous said...

American Antique white - think it is Dulux.