Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Company Kitchen

There's something really special about getting out of the big smoke (ha ha, that's if you call Adelaide the 'big smoke') and heading in to the sticks for a spot of fresh air. Last weekend, after my beautiful lunch with Lill et al at Port Willunga, I headed up to the Barossa to catch up with Lib and her little one, Lucy.
It was fab, just what the doctor ordered. I slept like a baby, enjoyed having someone else cook for me and cherished play time with Lucy. I could get used to this!

Miss Bree and Jo Jo met us for lunch on Sunday to help celebrate Valentine's Day and we did it in style at The Company Kitchen in Angaston. Now, I fancy myself as someone who has a finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing good places to eat - but I'd never heard of this place. How stoked am I to now be let in on this secret!
The Company Kitchen is a gorgeous place for a long lunch on the verandah, a roll on the lawn or a cuppa on the deck. Would make for a stunning wedding on the lawns - such a gorgeous backdrop. The menu was awesome, it catered for all tastes and all budgets and I found it hard to choose - always a good sign of a good place.
With all these weddings creeping up on me far too quickly, I stuck to a low key lunch of stir fried asian greens with chicken and vermicelli noodles, but oh, how I longed for the cosy, warm, comfort food of Bree's lamb shank and mash. Yum. Lucky for me, she's a caring, sharing kind of girl (she'd need to be, dealing with me every morning at 6.30am on our daily walk!) so she did plate up a mouthful for me to taste. Bless!
Joey and Lib went for the Atlantic Salmon which looked great, just wish I'd got a pic. And best lemon, lime and bitters I've tasted in a long time.
So lovely catching up with the girls - if only life was one long lunch xo

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