Sunday, February 21, 2010

My my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender

Is it really Monday tomorrow already? I have had a hectic but oh-so-fun weekend on the run. Friday was dinner with the crew down at Russell's at Willunga - so so good pizza, with Rockford Alicante to wash it down. Opening night of Fringe as well, so there was excitement in the air.

Saturday I got up early to make chocolate and vanilla pikelets for my take on train fairy bread - kids food is crazy! Then Bree and I headed up to Waterloo to celebrate Bree's nephew's first birthday. Yep, I'm pretty much an honorary Walker family member these days! Lots of fun, my cheeks hurt from laughing, my tummy muscles are tight from all the giggling and I'm on a sugar high that will last the week.

Will detail all the party efforts over the next week, Abby certainly turned on a fabulous show (Giant Twin ice creams for the adults' dessert - need I say any more!?).

There's something about a weekend in the country . . .

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