Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giddy up!

Memories of last year's shenanigans at Clare Races
You know when your day can just go from zero to hero? Well, I had one of them today. A pretty normal, run of the mill day, in and out of meetings for the best part of it and trying to chase my tail tying up loose ends before I finish up in three weeks.

And then it just opened up to deliver the goods with drinks and dins at the Benjamin on Franklin with Lucy Lou and JC. So much fun. The pub is gorgeous, the boys have done a brilliant job doing it up - the gorgeous beer garden that reminds me a bit of the Ivy in Sydney. Close, but not quite the same!

Then, darling Cat confirms that we're on for Clare Races so I'm just tickled pink to say the least! I've been every year with Lill and her fam for as long as I can remember but she's tied up in Melbourne this year so was terrified I'd have to miss out on this gorgeous country picnic race meet.

Now, the decision is, what to wear? Oh, and how do I keep my feet clean!?!?


Kimberlee said...

JEALOUS!!! so wish I was going. Love the Clare Races. Have I told you that I celebrated my 18th birthday day - actually fell on Easter Saturday that year....
So excited to hear Benjamin on Franklin is looking good, pip and I were supposed to go other night after work but didn't make it past the Kings Head... so lazy. I'm heading there for a girlie lunch soon. And like The Ivy?... they will never get me to leave! x

Lill said...

stop it! You're making it worse!

That pic of our feet is hideous. I have a similar one from Oakbank a few years back.