Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yes, this could be love

Everyone has their style icon. And yes, I have a soft spot because we share the same name, but seriously, Kate Spade is ah-mazing. Pure class personified - and better yet, caught in print!
I've adored her since I worked in David Jones as a uni student nearly ten years ago and first came across her handbags in the 'posh' section downstairs. My fascination grew until I finally found myself on her home turf in NY, stumbling upon her store in SoHo, two minutes before closing time. They were literally counting the till and ready to flick the lights when Bree and I turned on our 'we've come all the way from Australia!' story and they let us have a quick squizz.
I was hooked.
Four years on from that NY love affair, I have still failed to save my pennies to indulge in a Kate Spade purchase. Pathetic, I know. But the gorgeous Bree knew how to satisfy my cravings (within our budgets!) and bought me the Kate Spade Style book a few years back. Gorgeous, the perfect gift. I've cherished it, handling it with great care and eagerly anticipating the day I can display it with pride in my Anna Spiro decorated house.
So, you can imagine my complete delight when the oh-so-geneorous and wonderfully styley Kelly presented me with Kate Spade's Occasions book last weekend. Bree too was rewarded and was blown over by her gift - the Style book. Together we were tickled pink to be thrown into the magical world of Kate Spade - so much colour, grandeur and sophistication. And to think, all we did was play Mum and keep Zara busy for a couple of hours!
My fave quotes from Occasions:
  • Hospitality makes for infectious fun
  • My feeling is that you should put your personal stamp on everything - the goal is to reflect your passions
  • I love a place that has a hint of formality. Not a lot, just enough to make it seem important and special
  • I never think of the people who are still with us at the end of the evening as the hangers-on, but as the true soldies of the night . . . and usually they're our closest friends
  • Do plan some activities in advance, but be sure to leave room for spontaneity
  • Q: How do you end a cocktail party? A: I'd hit the breaker switch and turn off all the lights and music (Andy Spade)
An absolute hosting goddess.
It just leaves Manners now - and I'm glad this has been left til last. I'd hate to think that someone thought I needed some tutoring in this department! Having said that, I think I know what will be top of my birthday list this year!


Kimberlee said...

Here. Here. And I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that my two Kate Spade pretties are courtsey of none other than Miss Pip. The style book and a to die for candle she bought ME in NY while she was over there celebrating HER birthday - how does that work? too spoilt. AND PLEASE (while i'm using CAPS) - can we please catch up soon??? xx

Anonymous said...

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