Sunday, May 30, 2010


Squeal! Look what arrived today! The gorgeous girls from my old work bought me the For Like Ever poster as my farewell pressie and the darling J dropped it off today before our Farmers Markets date. I am delirious with excitement, but haven't yet worked out where to put it.

Dad was on a mission today and dropped by with Mum to help me put the place back together after the painter had been in the last few days (yay, gorgeous white walls! No more lavendar, fluro green or burnt orange!). We found a spare hook in my room that I am yet to fill and popped it up here for the time being - let me stress, however, it will not be staying here. No way do I want to send out signals to the world that I'll be in that bed - alone - for like ever!

So this little bout of redecorating has me pumped to keep it up. I've been flicking through my mags all night and browsing online looking for inspiration. I really think I just need to consolidate all my thoughts and put together a storyboard - grab a pin up board and cut and paste and play with some different ideas. I definitely need to inject some colour into these new white rooms, there'll be lots of pink for sure!

I bought a new quilt cover today to get me started . . . but that's where it ends and your advice begins! I'm useless, so need your help!

The new quilt cover (and yes, my overnight bag - I still haven't unpacked from staying at Mum and Dad's during the painting!) isn't what I originally had in mind, but I'm such a pink, navy and white girl - it really has my name written all over it. Now I just need a pink thrown or cushion or something . . .

My trusty (and oh so cheap) Ikea bookcase. Time to de-clutter and make these a visual statement rather than a storage. I do love my jewellery stands.

My family room - HELP! This is a nightmare - I can't afford new furniture just yet and am living by the mantra 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' so am making do with my hand-me-downs for the time being. I really want a low, flat, white square coffee table so I can stack my books on top. And I've got two single chairs my Poppa made that I'm going to have recovered - one in stripes, one in floral, budget restricting. Then I would love a chunky big three seater couch where the dodgy two singles are sitting at the moment - what colour should I go for?

And the view from the door - what a disaster zone! My brother made the coffee table and cabinet on the right in year 12 and I've been lumped with them (the only sentimental one in the family!) but have decided it's time to retire them and reclaim some style!

I love my rug, it adds some great texture and brings some warmth to the room. And my mirror is great, but we've hung it on existing hooks and I have a feeling it's too high - what do you think?

And don't get me started on the TV - another hand-me-down, and don't get me wrong, I'm not ungrateful and couldn't even contemplate buying a new one right now, but it's a bit of an eye sore and the reception is terrible!

I have made a start on my cluster wall - it's taken a strange red, brown and pink flavour but I think it'll all come together (fingers crossed!). I'm thinking I'll hang it up to the right of the couches - out of view in the pics above. Should I take out shares in 3M hooks now?!

So, design gurus and bloggers alike . . . what do I do? Where do I start? Remember, I'm a single girl with a mortgage on a very tight budget. Kimberlee - this post is aimed right at you, my dear! Let's have wine time soon xo


Kimberlee said...

HILARIOUS!!! I see my name at the end!! And you have to stop it - what you have got so far is sooooo good!!! I can't wait to have a play date at your house and decorate - WOO HOO! I have spent today up in the hills with the Osborns redesigning their front and back yard, cant wait to have fun at your house - so much awesome stuff there already - the only way is up!! Your quip about being in bed alone, like forever! you crack me up. That is the best present ever, and so beautifully framed. Let the fun begin xxx

Bree Stevens said...

Hello Kate, the place is looking really good, the white walls make the place look so much bigger- good job. Can't wait to see it and the cluster wall when back in Adelaide. Miss you xxx

xx D said...

Ahh to be in my twenties again...just found your blog...please dont retire the pieces your brother made you!! They are one off's, you know their history and with the right placement mixed with the right pieces (even super sleek modern) they will look fantastic! Great rooms are built I have some great pieces.. lovely rooms!!
P.S I think the mirror is to high but try sitting the mirror on the mantle if it will allow and (I cant tell from the photo rectangle or square? Blonde question?) turn it on to its side...

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog just found it today. Your place looks like it is on track. I would paint - everything either white, bright yellow, or bright pink (furniture I am talking)
Your new bedhead is great and would look amazing in a bright yellow.
Best wishes