Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dotty for spots

It's no secret.

I love polkadots.

Yep, spots and dots of all shapes and shades - I adore them bright, I long for them white, they always make me smile.

Today they lived up to their reputation as a mood lifter when I made friends with a little beauty in my lunch break. We bonded, a friendship was formed and I just HAD to bring it home with me.
I salute you, hot pink silk cushion witih white felt polkadots.
(No pic - my work phone is broken, as is my camera and I have no way of capturing its beauty!)

Looks fab on my new white couch. Me thinks an orange stripe beauty will be next.
Oh and how I'd bend over backwards for a Rubie Green masterpiece.
And a Union Jack classic. Just like Emma's.
Oh, and I wouldn't mind a puppy cushion either!
Pics from weheartit, rubiegreen.com and emmaclements.com

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