Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meet Shuggie

You know me and how much I love finding a new blog to get my teeth stuck into.

And you also know how much I love making new friends.

Well, I managed to combine the two in my first two weeks in Melbourne (I'll get to New York later, patience people!).

Lill introduced me to Shuggie, this mythical character I'd heard so much about - "She's my Melbourne version of you" Lill tells me.

So we finally met and she was every bit the awesome Lill made her out to be.

AND she let us set up a blog for her to document her travels to Mexico! How cool!

How many tacos can one girl eat?
How many trinketts can one girl buy?
She's worth 4 million camels in Morocco-
how does that translate into Llamas?
Will she actually use this blog?
Let's find out!

Shuggie has a way with words - reading her blog is like being on an adventure with her. And she takes food pics - even of potatoes in jars. A girl after my own heart.

So check her out, it's a great read and you're sure to have a giggle (and don't you just love her blog design? Snaps to you Lill!)


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