Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dirty Thirties

It's been a while, people!

I've left my laptop in the Rads until I head home next - I couldn't fit one more thing in my suitcase. Packing down from a two bedroom place to fit into one bedroom in a share house is hard!

So my posts are few and far between. And hasn't Gemma let me know that!

In the meantime, I wanted to indulge in the fun of my 30th birthday.

Roman Holiday was the name of the game and we had so much fun at Ruby Red Flamingo. 

Thanks to Tina from Lady Chatterley's Affair for her styling genius xx

More pics to come when I'm reunited with my laptop ...

Ps. How hot is my necklace?! Thanks to Miss Brown, I now have my very own LCA High Society necklace! Whoop!


Kate said...

Looks like you had a great time Miss. Kate.... Life begins at 30! :) x

Flavs said...

Yay you're back online! I've missed you digitally - but loved seeing you in the real world - and get to see you again this weekend - lucky me!

See you Saturday lovely K8

love flavs xxx

Tina Kent said...

oh you are sweet!! And you did look fantastic! So the dress that never fails to pick up . . . how did it go?? Or did the 3rd magnum really let you down in that dept? Kimberley bought a necklace maybe the 2nd day they went online . .she said it was you all over. She nailed it! lovT
p.s I am surprised you are coping without a laptop!