Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All wrapped up

I love Christmas!
And I applaud a brand that embraces the season tastefully and in style.
Is this campaign just beautiful!? So subtle yet aspirational.
On a side note, how good is online shopping? I have just bought five presents for my loved ones in my lunch break. Plus (clever me), I'm getting them all shipped to Mum and Dad's place in Adelaide so I don't have to lug them home in my suitcase.
Note to my mother: Do not open any of these parcels!
What are your go-to online shops for Christmas inspiration? I can't share mine on here just yet - I tend to buy from each brand directly so would spoil any surprises if I shared, but I do have to say that David Jones is great at the moment, free shipping for orders over $50 (which isn't hard to reach!).
Ready, set, SHOP!
** Update: I have since purchased another four presents online overnight. Talk about efficient! My life saving solution to all the world's problems is Lady Chatterley's Affair - from my best friend to my Godson to my sister-in-law, Tina has the answers. I've also indulged in some Brown Button Trading fun for my work KK present. Other winners I can share without spoiling any surprises include Mecca Cosmetica, isubscribe and Jurlique. hard to find has also been a goldmine and I'm popping into Burch & Purchese in my lunchbreak today to grab a few sweet treats (I decided to pop into the store rather than buy online because they give out free samples in store. Cheeky!)
I think it's safe to say I'm singlehandedly keeping the economy afloat.
Oh, and I drive a Holden.


debbi said...

I discovered Amazon..oh my..
my husband can finally have slippers on his size 17 feet..

Kate said...

Good find Debbi! Amazon is a very practical site, isn't it? Not overly pretty or engaging, but it gets the job done! I'm a kindle fan so turn to Amazon for new books! Thanks for stopping by x

TINA KENT said...

Have I told you lately that I love you!? Are you on some kind of retainer?? haha. I wish. lovT