Friday, December 20, 2013

Togs on

Mum just messaged me to say 'don't forget your bathers'.
It's 38 in Radelaide today after a few days of 40+ heat. Love it! Will be a nice change from Melbourne's schitzo weather. I just hope there are no ducks in the pool, Dad . . . .
But on the bather front, I'm a  bit nervous. Michelle Bridges hasn't really kicked in yet, but there's nothing a bottle of fake tan and a piece of underwire can't fix.
Yes, that's right. Underwire.
Enter Megan Gale's isola collection. D cup support, ladies. It's like wearing a bra in the pool . . . the girls are very happy!
Lady Chatterley's Affair herself was spotted in a gorgeous pair of togs on a recent trip to Noosa and further investigation (aka stalking) led to the discovery she was coveting the isola brand.
So I hotfooted it into DJs (on a card members night, thank you very much for the discount!!!) and secured my own fancy one piece.
Will look fabulous with my new LCA hat, oui!?
Keep cool, kidlets!
Disclaimer: This is NOT me modelling. In my dreams!

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TINA KENT said...

Awesome!! How did I miss this! I didn't even know they came in that colour-way. Incredible . . .although I think you need a white or black hat to go with these. Have the best Summer Holiday friend and thankyou thankyou thankyou for everything that you have helped me with in 2013 . . . please continue this for 2014!! lovT