Monday, February 3, 2014

Putting the Rad into Radelaide

Adelaide's got its cool on.

And I love it!
What do you think of the new TVC produced by kwp!? It is a lovely new chapter in the South Australian story of late and I love what they've done with it.

There are going to be the haters, the people who don't recognise the Adelaide they've grown up in. They've cut me down before on this very blog.

But that's not who this campaign is for.

We're trying to attract tourists, visitors, new people, adventurers, foodies, explorers, internationals, sceptics, SA haters and investors.

But let's be brave, take risks and stand out from the pack.

This is different. And different is not wrong. It's just different.

** Editor's note: I showed my housemate this ad tonight and she thought it was terrible. Had no idea what it was promoting. Interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing what others think. Stepping away from my 'Adelaide can do no wrong' bias, it does look quite European or something. Maybe an ad for a technology company? Maybe I love the edginess of the ad rather than the message. I will stay tuned for the backlash . . .

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Lill said...

Love it.