Thursday, June 12, 2014


One thing I miss about living in my own home, is the freedom to decorate a shared space in your own taste.

I took great pride in my coffee table stack in my living room in the Rads, but my share house in Melbourne doesn't have a coffee table, nor the support of my housemates to extend my penchant for the colour pink beyond my bedroom.

So I was over the moon when my gorgeous friend Kelly (mother of the world's cutest Godson, Max) gave me the new Adore coffee table book for my birthday. It's pink and it's gold and it's fabulous.

And it's the perfect addition to my little sanctuary upstairs at home.

My friend Melissa and I went along to the launch at West Elm on Chapel Street (eeek, papped above!) and it was lovely to meet Loni . . . and enjoy a glass of bubbles or two. Kelly flew over that weekend and we joined Loni on the Adore Home Shopping Tour around Melbourne.

What a brilliant day we had discovering hidden gems in my adopted home. I was all over the shopping haunts in Radelaide, but out of the loop in Melbourne, so this was the perfect way to get my bearings and find new faves.

Lunch was also delicious!

The highlight for me was Montebello Emporium in Camberwell. Tina, you will love it here! I picked up a gorgeous box of Liberty notecards and they have heaps of Kate Spade stationery in stock.

It was a huge day of shopping and I've made lots of notes of where I want to go back - present shopping will be so much easier now that I've found my feet!

Check out the loot I picked up - and most of it was from the generous goody bags from Adore and Safari Living.

V spoilt.

Thanks for making it an Adore-able birthday, Kelly!


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Anonymous said...

Pleasure treasure! I had a ball too. Lets hit the shops again soon xx