Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Disappearing acts

Got the surprise of my life today when I opened my afternoon mamamia update.
I seriously thought one of my friends had taken an email I'd sent to them from earlier this year and published it for all to read . . .
"I was dating a guy for a while, and it seemed to be clicking along nicely. He talked about long-term stuff, he told his friends about me, he even introduced me to his sister.
And then he got abducted by aliens. Or fell off a cliff. Or died in frozen aisle of the supermarket. I’m not sure what happened, but he completely disappeared. As I like to call it, he did a Ghosty.
One minute he was inviting me over for the weekend, the next minute, poof! He’d turned into a ghost. No more calls, no more messages. No responses to the voice mails I left (just to be clear, I was extremely far from stalker territory. I was very restrained, considering I wanted to beat his door down just to kick him in the shin and run away). Our plans for the weekend were left hanging in mid-air. I still don’t know if he actually died. We weren’t connected on any social media, so I was left typing his name into Google to see if any obituaries came up.
For an extremely mild-headed girl, I was absolutely livid. Any excuse under the sun would have made me a lot happier than a Ghosty."
Words from my soul sister. Lucy Gransbury, you speak to me.

I've pretty much detailed the exact same experience to my friends across the country - here's looking at you Beth, Alice, Sally . . the list of victims is extensive. Apologies to my friends for these explosions of dating diarrohea.

They'd had it from me on numerous occasions these last few months. The same heartbroken emails, teary phone calls and texts of complete dismay. "How did it happen again?!"

Some of these boys are outlined here for your reading pleasure. But there have been more losers since March. At least three . . .

Seriously dudes, why can't you man up?

Take Lucy's advice and come up with an excuse - as lame as it is - and have the decency to end it. Don't leave me hanging. 

In the meantime, who's free tomorrow night? I've had some space cleared in my diary ...

*** Update 24 June 2014: I had breakfast with a friend on the weekend and she suggested that perhaps I should tone things down - we don't want my future husband coming across this post and mistaking me for a psycho, bitter single girl. So I've removed the specifics and names - I did Media Law at uni, I should know better than to slander! 


Deb said...

thank you for the giggle..

Kate said...

Thanks Deb! I'm glad you laughed, I worry I just sound like a bitter single 31 year old! But my friends say my dating nightmares are too funny and unbelievable not to share. I consider it therapy, getting it all out!

Alice said...


You'll find someone who'll man up. Patience. And giggles in the meantime.

Love Alice xx

Kate said...

Maybe I need a trip to Bali, Alice . . . #worksforsome :)

B1 said...

B2 you're the best, when 'The One' is finally found he is going to be one lucky guy... AND you are such a good writer! So entertaining, Mammamia should give you a job... even though...get ready to gasp and disown me... I am not a fan at all! Can't wait for your next Sydney trip, love B1 xxxx

Kate said...

B1! I had no idea you knew about this little blog! Oh it's just a little bit of silly to keep me sane. Yes, I need to head to Sydney very soon. A mini-break is just what the doctor ordered xx