Friday, May 30, 2014

Scaly fun

I posted this pic on Instagram and was so surprised by the response I got from it!

I have a lot of phobias, and I thought I was scared of snakes, but apparently not as much as most of my friends! One mate even threatened to disown me (yes, Sally!)

It got me thinking, what am I scared of?

Birds, yes, to a degree.

The dark. Yep, I talk myself into an absolute frenzy. Thank goodness for the torch function on iPhones these days.

Heights. Only since we climbed Ayers Rock when I was in Year 7 and I cried the whole way down.

And yes, mice, spiders and the like. Cats even.

But nothing too dramatic.

Oh hang on. I am scared I'm going to die alone and be eating by alsatians, Bridget Jones style. 

Yes, now THAT is a real fear.

I'm reading the third book in the series now and LOVING it. She speaks to me. 

TGIF friends!

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