Thursday, May 1, 2014

May I have this one week

It's May! Hoorah for one of my favourite months of the year.

 I love it for a number of reasons:
- My Mum's maiden name is May
- May is my niece's middle name (Ruby May, isn't it the sweetest?!)
- My birthday is in May
- Dad's birthday is in May
- There are some gorgeous autumn days in May
- It reminds me of New York
- It's Mother's Day and I can disguise something I really want as a present for Mum! (Case and point with the Windsor High Tea Voucher for two I suggested Dad buy her for her recent birthday. It's in Melbourne so I guess she'll have to take me!)

Is that enough?

It's been a whole year since my 30th birthday celebrations with my parentals in New York. How time flies.

The pic above is of me and Mum on the High Line on my birthday (this coming Saturday, people!). Look at us rocking the pink lippy (that one's for you, Tina!). Take. Me. Back.

I love birthdays. I know lots of people who shy away from them, but as Janet on the Real Housewives of Melbourne put it: "Birthdays are great, if you're not having them any more, it means you're dead"

Mensa candidate, that one.

Anyway, I'm indulging in a typically Kate birthday festivus this week. A friend told me I was OTT and expecting too much from my friends, but people, it's a choose your own adventure. Join in as much as you want, or just stay out of my way if you're not in the mood.

In a time of missing airplanes, tropical cyclones and rugby players becoming paralysed, I think a little happiness is allowed. I don't have Valentine's Day, anniversaries, baby's cuddles or simple things like a kiss when I get home from work, so I'm going to cash in on my birthday. 

It kicked off on Sunday with a great top of the table win by Port Power. Then I saw Sam and Kochie at Southbank on my Monday morning walk. I made chocolate hot cross bun bread and butter pudding for my housemates on Tuesday night (recipe to come, stay tuned). Then my work birthday morning tea was yesterday. Today is very low key, best sort out something to do. Tomorrow night is birthday drinks with friends and then Saturday is a cracker. My housemate is taking me out for breakfast, then dear Flavs is taking me out for a pedi and lunch. Perfection. Dinner is at a Moroccan restaurant with my nearest and dearest in Melbourne.

So readers (all three of you), please let me have my week of indulgence and self-importance. It's nearly over. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Love from your spoilt friend xx


Nanette said...

I love a birthday festival. So enjoy, buy yourself a lovely gift or two and have a lovely day.

Kate said...

Why thank you, Nanette! I think I might hit the shops after my pedicure on Saturday! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Enjoy the celebrations! Gill x

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Kate! Happy birthday. I've never commented before, but this post really resonated with me as I am in the same boat as you re being single with all your friends having kids etc. I say go all out for your birthday, you deserve it :)

Kate said...

Gill! So lovely to hear from you. I'm so sad I missed you in Brisbane, it's been such a long time between drinks. Hope you had a brilliant holiday with the fam. Tina is a hoot, I wish I lived closer. I think of you on the odd Friday every now and then - and what lyrics I would send through!


Kate said...

Anonymous, welcome! So lovely to hear from you. Glad to hear you are a regular visitor - takes my readership to four now! Ha!

Rest assured, I did got all out for my birthday - it has even squeezed into this week with three lots of dinner celebrations with friends and family. I don't do things in halves :)