Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Putting the fun in run

We did it! 

Bree and I conquered our first 8km run in the 2014 Mother's Day Classic on Sunday.

I am so proud of our efforts - I ran the whole way without stopping and even mastered the Anderson Street Hill. I think I even overtook someone at some stage! That NEVER happens!

It was an early start on Sunday and I was sick with nerves, but Bree and I got into our zone, talked about random things (like my date on Friday night) and cranked up the beats (Florence and the Machine was a fave as well as Daft Punk. And Zac Brown Band for a bit of country!).

I am not a natural born runner. I don't have a natural technique and I look like such an unco, but Bree fired me up a few weeks ago and made me believe that I could do it. She is so determined and inspiring and I'm glad I've got her to give me the kick up the bum when I need it. Luckily, we run at the same pace and it's so nice to have that constant to your right. Makes the hour fly and full of fun.

We smashed it in less than an hour (it's not about the time, people, it's about the achievement) and are looking forward to our next fun run.

Who would've thought!?

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Lill said...

Next: a half marathon! 12 October, save the date Kate and Bree! http://www.melbournemarathon.com.au/