Monday, May 19, 2014

Yu are the best

Yu have changed my life.

Yes Yu. No, not you. Yu.

Meet my new favourite lipstick. The pink colour is perfect and the pencil goes on like a dream.

My friend Melissa gave me Yu for my birthday and I in turn gave Yu to my Mum for Mother's Day.

It's a totally different pink on her - quite hot pink on me, but dark pink on Mum.

It's a winner. But really, when has anything Nars ever not been a winner?

Yu complete me.

However, when I'm going on a date, I do steer clear of pink lippy. Just in case, you know, as my Mum would say, I "get lucky"

So I've found myself adopting a love of nudes lately, a la Kim Kardashian. Have been rocking the Chanel Rouge Allure 'Indecise' like a boss lately. Thanks for the introduction, JB.

Makes me sound quite active in the dating stakes, doesn't it?

If only it were true . . .


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