Friday, May 9, 2014


TGIF friends!

It's been a good week, and it's going to be a great weekend.

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite TV characters Lemon Breeland and am going to reeeelax this weekend. I might get a manicure and sleep in and watch some catch up TV. I might even do some blogging - shock horror!

On the more active side, I'm also taking part in the Field of Women on the MCG on Saturday, and running the Mother's Day Classic with the fabulous and inspirational Bree. That girl can run. And I kind of 'joggle'. So it's going to be interesting. I've never run 8km in my life #whatwasithinkingsigningup?

Luckily I have my new iPhone arm band so I can look the part on Sunday. And I have some hot pink shorts I might pull out. Or not. Let's not scare the other runners. Stick with black Kate. Black is safe, black is slimming. Hot pink earrings will be enough.

I have also just received the gorgeous Adore book (the birthday celebrations continue!) from my friend Kelly and it's sensational, can't wait to flick through the colour on the weekend. Looking forward to the launch party on Thursday! Then we're all signed up for the Adore Shopping Tour next weekend, can't wait!

Wish me luck on my run!

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