Tuesday, September 9, 2014

40 and fabulous

Do you have some brands you just feel like you've grown up with? They're part of the furniture, your oldest, most loved, classic pieces have their names written all over them?

Well, for me, it has to be Country Road.

Remember the craze at school when everyone had to have a crew neck CR windcheater? And you went the men's style, rather than the women's, it had a band around the bottom and was a much better fit (I had both, I loved them so much!). It started with the good ol' navy and then I added olive green and cream to my collection. I think there was also a mustard and a maroon in the range? Maybe a sky blue?

Or what about CR beach towels? Having a pool in our backyard at home, we've been through our fair share of towels over the years. They are huge, and very absorobent!

And quilt covers. And coffee mugs (a staple for birthday presents for a while there - complete with box of Haigh's hot chocolate and packet of marshmallows).

It was also where I got my first ever job! I was Christmas Gift Wrapper at the Metro store at the end of 2000. I went on to have a casual sales role there into my first year at uni. The discount was great! And the training was a great platform for future jobs.

So I get the warm fuzzies when I see that they're celebrating 40 years this year. I'm not quite of the same vintage, but close, and I just loved this celebration of their 'look and feel' over the past four decades.

I have to admit though - and I don't think I'd be alone - I prefer their playfulness of the 90s compared to their modern approach in the noughties. What do you think?

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