Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Laneway Learning

I took myself out on a little solo Kate date tonight and treated myself to a Laneway Learning course. Have you heard of them? Brilliant, I tell you!

Lill put me on to them after she and Shuggie signed up for a Bollywood class. They're cheap and cheerful tasters of new skills and hobbies.

I found 'posy up my jar' listed for December and signed myself up - for only $25! That included an hour with an instructor, and a bunch of flowers to play around with ... and take home! You just had to BYO jar. Easy!

The instructor was @tweedtwigs and he was very helpful, I am no longer baffled by what goes where and how to start from scratch. It's just a kind of formula, I can work with that!

One friend laughed that I paid for such a course, but I'm not one of those naturally gifted people who can just pull things together effortlessly (yes, I'm looking at you Tina!). It's another feather in my bridesmaid cap!

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Tina Kent said...

I'm still laughing! Lucky you are hell gifted in the kitchen! lovT