Sunday, December 7, 2014

The way to my heart . . .

This is quite possible one of my favourite posts of the year - Kate's annual Christmas wish list!

My Mum is quite the present giver . . . she always nails it but I've realised it's because I'm quite specific in what I want! A little bit of guidance never hurt nobody, right?!

Look, I know these are all superficial gifts and I must seem quite shallow with this list of shiny pretty things, but this little blog is a lovely little escape from reality and the opportunity to indulge in the surreal.

So let me present Kate's wish list for 2014 . . .

My home girl Sam Armytage has released a book. I need a copy stat.

Nespresso Coffee machine. I tree hugger in me hates the landfill aspect of this gem, but I promise I'll search for a recycling option as part of the deal!

Kate Spade's 'place to go, people to see'. Love me a coffee table book.

Bally poster. This will be on my list every year until I get one. Oh how I hate not having my own house to decorate.

Stella McCartney fragrance. A staple. A must.

A facial. My skin has been rotten lately and I feel like a deep cleanse will be a great start to 2015.

Taylor Swift's album - 1989. Yes, I still do CDs.

Lady Chatterley's Affair 'Ladies Who Lunch' necklace. Because it's not Christmas without some LCA bling.

Kate Spade Tidbit Plate set from Brown Button Trading. Hello picnics in the park!

New pillows. Mine are gross and my neck hurts.

Workout gear. Especially a visor. I really want a visor (Who am I?! And what have I done with couch Kate?!). And the new Country Road activewear range is cute.

New sunglasses. I'm not sure what ones, exactly, but I'll quite happily take yours off you Mum . . .

I'm off to New Zealand in January so would also find a passport holder quite handy.

World Cup Tickets. Yes, I love my cricket.

And some other little stocking fillers (mainly because my brother just texted me to see what I wanted!), I'd love some new PJs, a battery operated electric toothbrush, some folding chairs, bodum coffee cups and a 5:2 fast diet recipe book.

Okay, enough already. You haven't been that good this year, Kate.

**Update! I need one of these! Not sure if it's the lemon or watermelon I prefer, but how fruitastic are they!? So sweet!


Brown Button Trading said...

oh i always LOVE your christmas list, and thanks for including BBT in the mix. Apparently oxfam do awesome nespresso pods that are delish and biodegradable.

Me? I already have my present... I got a printer..... seriously. because i work from home. but i'm signing a contract tomorrow for a new job, no more working from home..... don't think i can return the printer now... x

Tina Kent said...

oh again and again . . . . you are the best PR friend a girl could ask for. Honestly you are! I didn't think you 'did' coffee . . . did I make that up? So . . .did you get the Sam Armytage book? She sounds a lot like us .. .. if you take away the famous bit! talk soon. great blog post. ripper. Would you like some rice bran oil? lovT xx