Monday, February 9, 2015


A weird thing has happened.

My hair has lightened. Naturally. I've done nothing to it, haven't had a colour in probably six months I reckon (and even then it was a home job) so I'm at a loss to explain how my hair looks quite light. The colour I normally go is chocolate brown and I've been known to sport a very very dark almost black colour for most of my life.

But this warmer goldy tone is working for me, I like the change. It feels more summery.

So now I'm going to take this pic of darling Rose and ask for someone to copy it. Chances of it working? Hmmm, I'm nervous. And I want more chopped off. I like it short.

Am I crazy, friends? Can someone with dark brown hair strip it and go a bit lighter? I'm not talking blonde, heavens no. Just light brown. I think my greys will be less conspicuous in lighter hair. And trust me, there are greys a'plenty.

I'm reaching out for Melbourne hairdresser recommendations - any hot tips?
Gertrude Street seems to be the go-to for stylists, but I think I'm leaning towards one in Hawthorn. Three Blind Mice. Anyone know it?

Choosing a hairdresser is hard work. Do you agree?

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