Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blooming fabulous

It's been decades since I last posted and I just haven't felt myself! Lots going on, but yay, the weather's finally on the up!

My camera is officially dead so during my housesitting stint at Mum and Dad's this weekend, I took the opportunity to download some pics from their camera that I've 'borrowed'.

Found this gorge pic from my visit to the Parap markets with the gorgeous Bree in Darwin a few weeks (eek, months now!) back. Loved the markets - paw paw salad, best laksa and fabulous fresh juices.

Am committing to indulging in fresh flowers at least once a fortnight - and for those in between burts of colours - there's always budget-friendly daisies. Nothing better to brighten up your life!


Kimberlee said...

ohhhh the parap markets are the BEST!!! loved the laksa and the juices as well.

those flowers are awesome.

did you see the roses i put on facebook - got them from coles - total cost $30?!?! xx

Leanne said...

I live across the road from the Parap markets and I try to pick up a bunch of these every Saturday morning..along with a crepe!