Friday, October 29, 2010

. . . with diamonds

Off to Melbourne today for Derby Day with three of my besties. Was beside myself with excitement until BK rang with the weather forecast for the weekend - Melbourne is expecting its month worth of rain in the NEXT 48 HOURS!

That was not in my 'pale pink strapless Carla Zampatti frock' plan. No, not at all, no siree. And this new fringe I'm sporting is not partial to moisture in the air. A wavy fringe is never cool. Oh no no no.

So I've packed three dresses and while waiting for my tan to develop last night, I discovered what could possibly be my new favey blog - and that's after only three posts so far! Lucy in the Sky comes from the fabulous sister of none other than the sublime Miss Emma Clements of White and Wander fame. What a talented family, I tell you!

Lucy's latest post was right on the money - I was in a frazzle about what to pack for Melbourne but she took away the mystery and explained all the rules so that I, too, can look as fabulous as Elle McPherson strolling through the arrivals lounge. Well, that's the plan.

The above pic from Miss Lucy's blog is pure class and surely worthy of an upgrade. 'Upgrade'. Who am I kidding? I'm flying Tiger, for goodness sake!

Happy Derby Day - stay dry!


Lucy Clements said...

Hey Kate. Sending kisses for your Derby Day adventure! Thanks for the comments. You are a sweetie. Just gotta let the world know that I am at now as I couldnt work out wordpress! Have fun xxx

Cindy said...

Have a wonderful (and rain free) weekend! xo