Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday night magic







Monday night magic


Kimberlee said...

couldn't agree more! really enjoying offspring this season, definitely not as annoying as last season! xx

Kate said...

I want to call my first son Fraser. Divine.

Emma @ White and Wander said...

Love a Monday night catch up for all the things I didn't get done over the weekend... folding all my washing, change around the living room, wash the dishes... jeepers I'm boring!
That man certainly made my night though - what a spunk!

Rebekah said...

Perfect night indeed ;-)

Andie @ Starts with Cupcakes said...

Admittedly, i was not a season 1 watcher of Offspring. But i caught most of tonights episode and think it will become a Monday night ritual at my place too. xx

Leah said...

Ahhh totally agree! I thought Offspring was CRINGE! last season, but this time round its awesome. And the registrar... Um.. Hello! Is he ex neighbours? Who cares! Monday nights are my new fave xxx

Anonymous said...

Love Offspring