Thursday, May 26, 2011

You've got mail!

Nothing can lift your spirits like getting home to find a parcel in your letterbox.

(And yes, that is the Women's Weekly souvenir Royal Wedding photo album edition!)

Got home today to find a special parcel . . . all the way from the US!

I have loved the completely preppy Kiel James Patrick brand for a while now and decided to finally take the plunge and order something for myself. The hard part was deciding what to pick - there's so much to choose from!

How cute was my little bundle of preppiness? All wrapped up with a gorge little postcard.

And this is what I bought . . .

. . . plus a pink version of these (of course!)

Just look at that New England style. Sigh.

Isn't he divine!?

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annie said...

How do i not know about these? We are from New England(now living in southern California) and I had to pop over to your blog in Australia to see this adorable store/website. I can't decide if I should surprise my daughter with one of my choosing or let her pick one out???

Kimberlee said...

pity he couldn't hand deliver them!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, mail is always better when stamped with an insignia. Can't wait to see the pretty new additions in the flesh.
Happy week dear girl xx

annie said...

I let Madeline pick one one and we can't wait for it to arrive!

Kate said...

Best present ever, Annie! How did you manage to pick just one out?! The packaging is divine, enjoy xo