Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anna Platten

Had yet another cultural fix at the Art Gallery of South Australia's latest depARTure event last week.

Emma and I headed along to marvel at the talents of local South Australian artists involved in SALA - South Australian Living Artist Festival.

The works of Anna Platten really hit a chord with me, her paintings are exquisite! I didn't really 'get' her pieces, but I'm happy to look at them at face value and appreciate their prettiness! The colours she used were amazing, the subjects popped out off the canvas with an almost 3D effect.

Gosh, I really need some lessons in art appreciation and 'jargon' don't I!?

Pics from here and here and here

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Anonymous said...

Hey Polkadot Pantry:
I was wondering if you know any contact details of Anna Plattens??
Thanks Heaps :) great blog BTW!! :)