Tuesday, September 18, 2012

View from the floor

Getting fit isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I hurt my hip at bootcamp a month ago and have been at the physio ever since. She's given me stretches to do but I've been slack with my homework and with another appointment tomorrow, I was trying to fit in one last mega stretch in front of the telly tonight.

I'd gone for a run on the treadmill (again, in front of the telly) earlier this evening and by the time I got down to my floorwork, I found it incredibly hard to get back up. 

Ouch. I hurt.

Anyway, I looked up from the floor to see what I could use to help pull myself up with (what a wuss I am!) and was pleasantly surprised by all the colour in the room. A bit overcome, would probably be a better description, but it certainly looks like a happy space (if not incredibly messy!).

View from the floor. Yep, they're my stretches at the bottom of the photo. Fat lot of good they're doing.
I thought I'd take you through some of my favourite things in my living room . . . and then you can help me 'edit' it (in the words of Emma). It's all a bit cluttered and crazy at the moment - I've been collecting random bits and bobs since I bought my little shoe box four years ago but have failed to 'curate' a collection and instead, put things where I see a space.

Hmm, I have a lot to learn!

Now to some of the things I love . . .

The For Like Ever poster up the back on the right
I know, I know, I still have to find a home for it! And did you notice the little mini version on the tray? My workmates gave it to me in the interim while we waited to get my big one framed. So sweet x

My Kate Spade dessert plates 
In the pink box under the nail polishes. Gemmal, you spoil me x

. . . and Kate Spade tea cup and saucer
Feel like such a lady drinking from this, thanks Bree x

My cushion collection
It's slowly coming together, love love love my three newest additions care of Lill and Peach. Floral is really working for me at the moment

Fresh flowers
Bluebells from Granny's garden and a pretty bunch from a boy I went on a date with last weekend (I know, who said chivalry was dead?)

My Notting Hill print
Aaahhhh, London. Need I say any more?

My dupion silk lampshade
Stunning cranberry, navy and jade green check . . . gosh I need to paint that base!

My vintage vase
First purchase from Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things!

Bentwood chair
This has reminded me I need to put it back in the kitchen! It's one of four but we ran out of red spray paint and is the only one still in its natural state. Thanks for your bargain hunting skills JB!

Inspirational quotes
Love the framed hot pink one from Ad "There is nothing like a dream to create the future"

Coffee table books
Some people collect shoes but I go for coffee table books - cookbooks are my weakness followed by French inspired beauties

And that's just to name a few.

So . . . it's a mess, but a work in progress.

And a place I love to call home!

Any suggestions!?


Vera Margaret said...

Kate, it looks like a fabulously happy space! What about having things on rotation? I'm keen to embrace some more colour too, just have to wait til I'm off mat leave and save some dollars! Nel x

Anonymous said...

Nope I love it just as it is. It is homely and welcoming! Jb xx

Flavs said...

Don't you dare paint the base of that lamp shade - its stunning in its imperfection! I've always loved your colourful cosy clutter. Hope you're feeling better ;)

skiourophile said...

Bluebells are so Adelaide right now! Love them. I love the pops of pink in your room too: and that tray is gorgeous.

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

Looking great Kate! I rotate my stuff as I have so much of it! xx

TINA KENT said...

I suggest you tell us more about the boy you went on a date with! Who cares about clutter when he bought you flowers!! The best I get is AA batteries for the plethora of noisy toys in our house! lovT

Kate said...

Nel! Thanks for stopping by! Embrace the colour, it seriously makes me so happy having it around my home. You can't help but smile! Rotation is a great idea, but I have no idea what to mix with what. And nowhere to store the bits "off" rotation! x

Kate said...

JB - YOUR house is homely and divine, mine's just a cluttered mess! We must take pics when I come to visit this weekend - The Polkadot Pantry home tour!

Kate said...

Flavso - we need couch time in my cosy clutter soon . . . if you can find room amongst all the cushions for a seat on the couch!

Kate said...

Miss Skiourophile - bluebells are sooo pretty and I love that you associate them with Adelaide! The tray was a find in a Paddington antique store in Brisbane. Love me some bric a brac hunting x

Kate said...

Letitia - love that you can always reinvent your place with rotation. I just have no storage . . . and will never be able to master the 'less is more' approach you have so down pat!

Kate said...

T - I could start a whole other blog on my dating {mis}adventures! The diary of a single girl . . .

I'd put Bridget Jones to shame!


Krystal said...

What about an oversized pendent light fitting. That way you can keep all of the smaller things you love and the large item will become a focus. I have just started to document the interior of my cottage that u may find interesting? krystalelliot.blogspot